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Maintain Your Mechanical Systems With Complete Asset Lifecycle Management Customised To Your Business Heating And Cooling Requirements.

Asset life cycle management allows you to understand how your heating and cooling systems function and maximise their performance with cost-effective solutions designed for optimal efficiency. It ensures you get the best value out of your mechanical systems with retrofitting, commissioning, and planned and predictive maintenance to reduce operational costs and downtime.

We offer asset lifecycle planning and management for your mechanical systems, covering every aspect of your heating and cooling systems, from supply and installation to upgrades, commissioning and maintenance.

Our experienced technicians work with you to formulate custom strategies for extended lifecycles, increased reliability and superior function of your heating and cooling systems.

By planning your asset lifecycle from the design and procurement stage, we deliver high performance mechanical systems that give you:

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Installation and Retrofitting

We design and install new mechanical systems tailored to your building’s specifications with a focus on energy efficiency and longevity. By accessing the various design requirements and the legal codes and regulations, we create a detailed project plan covering the scope of your project within your timeline and budget.

We aim to deliver sustainable, high performance heating and cooling systems designed to operate at peak efficiency to streamline your business operations, reduce overheads and energy consumption and provide a safe and productive work environment.

If you already have an older system and need upgrades to boost the functionality of your heating and cooling system, we retrofit your system with the necessary equipment and parts. This allows you to save thousands of dollars needed for complete replacements and new systems, giving you an improved, energy efficient system for your commercial property.

Commissioning and Testing

After completing the installations and retrofitting, we test the system’s operation and performance, checking airflow and quality, temperature controls, energy usage and integration with other building systems.

Commissioning allows us to streamline your heating and cooling systems by testing the equipment to seasonal demand outputs, and balancing and tuning the components to obtain maximum energy efficiency and functionality. The system design and code compliance are also checked and tested with the new equipment for optimal output and load capacities.

The comprehensive examination ensures any performance and alignment issues are fixed at the initial stage, reducing the need for future upgrades and adjustments. Our certified technicians take into account all factors, such as zoning, health and safety requirements, after hours operations, and seasonal temperature changes – testing your heating and cooling system’s performance for optimal performance in every situation.

Proactive and Planned Maintenance

Our asset lifecycle planning and management provide end to end solutions for installing and maintaining your mechanical systems for peak efficiency and longevity. With preventive maintenance strategies set in place to evaluate performance and minimise component failures and breakdowns.

Proactive and preventive maintenance identifies potential repairs, such as wear and tear of components and faulty parts before they can lead to breakdowns or system failures. This reduces downtime and operational disruptions with timely repair and replacements, helping your system stay protected under warranties. While retaining your asset and building value to get the most out of your heating and cooling systems with ongoing technical support, repairs, routine servicing and cleaning.

Protect and Maintain the Value of Your Air Conditioning Systems

At Assured Air, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality services that deliver visible and measurable results. With planned solutions and management spanning the lifecycle of your mechanical systems.

We are committed to making sure that your heating and cooling systems perform to maximum capacity with reliable and prompt services and streamlined processes for your convenience.

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