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Local Specialists in Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance and Repair.

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Keep your Air Conditioning Systems Running at Peak Efficiency with Our Proactive and Scheduled Maintenance Services.

Proactive and scheduled maintenance of your air conditioning systems allows you to identify potential faults and repair issues before they happen. This not only lowers expensive repair costs but also minimises service interruptions caused because of breakdowns.

We can help you keep your business air conditioning systems functioning smoothly all year round with proactive and scheduled preventive maintenance services across Perth and the surrounding commercial and industrial areas. With routine servicing and inspections to identify trouble spots and improve energy efficiency, we ensure your air conditioners are in peak condition.

Whether you need routine servicing for indoor and outdoor air conditioning units or duct cleaning with repair or replacement, we guarantee an efficient service completed to the highest standards.

Consult our experts for a scheduled maintenance program for your air conditioning systems today.

Air Conditioning Proactive and Scheduled Maintenance

Breakdowns of mechanical systems can be costly, leading to high overheads and disruptions in business operations. Routine servicing before seasonal changes and planned preventive maintenance programs ensure that your air conditioning systems operate at maximum capacity without system faults. It also helps you get the most out of your air conditioners, extending lifespan, improving performance and reducing your carbon footprint.

We offer a complete range of proactive and scheduled maintenance services for businesses tailored to your heating and cooling requirements. Our technicians are familiar with all makes and models of air conditioners, from reverse cycle and VRV/VRF systems to ducted, cassette and evaporative systems.

We work with leading Australian brands such as Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, and Airstream, providing reliable maintenance services with authentic spare parts and replacements if required. With scheduled inspections to keep track of the condition of all the elements and moving parts of your cooling systems for optimal functionality.

Our air conditioning maintenance services include:

The air distribution, pressure and flow are checked and calibrated to optimum levels according to your zoning requirements. We also inspect the electronic sensors and controls and monitor all cooling areas for performance irregularities to formulate accurate repair and asset lifecycle management programs.

Our preventive maintenance programs are customised to the usage and size of your air conditioning systems with a comprehensive examination of each component of your cooling system. This allows us to troubleshoot and identify performance issues which might otherwise lead to high energy consumption and excessive load on your air conditioners.

Air Conditioning Repairs and Replacements

If your air conditioner is excessively loud, vibrating or running up unusually high electricity bills, there’s probably an underlying fault or a damaged component in your system. We can help you prevent system breakdowns by accurately identifying the fault and applying precise repair solutions.

Timely repair saves your cooling systems from complete breakdowns and expensive replacements. Our extensive knowledge of all types of cooling systems ensures we get to the root of the system fault and recommend the correct course of action to save you time and money.

We will always be completely honest with you when you call us for air conditioning repair and maintenance, only suggesting replacements when it’s not feasible to waste resources repairing a damaged system. Any work we do for you will be done according to industry standards and compliance with commissioning and testing – delivering energy-efficient systems designed and installed for optimal performance.

Perth’s Trusted Air Conditioning Specialists

Minimise the risk of potential breakdowns and faults with proactive and preventive maintenance services by local tradesmen you can trust. We work within your schedule and budget to maintain your cooling systems, extending their lifespan and boosting productivity by perfectly running air conditioners and minimal risk of breakdowns.

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